Accomms Least Wanted working positively with Policing Units

From concept, a healthy and conjugal relationship with Policing Units at both a State and Federal level has always been a main goal of the Acomms Least Wanted business.  Accomms Least Wanted Pty Ltd (ALW) is all about protecting Registered Accommodation businesses against Rogue Guest destructive and damaging behaviours and partnering with Policing Units is a significant strategy in providing this protection.

Using the concept of “Identify before they Occupy”, by identifying the Rogue Guest on booking enquiry and then preventing entry to an accommodation facility when a guest is found to be listed in the ALW database, the risk of rogue behaviour is dramatically reduced.

Working with Police Units
ALW works with Policing Units

Policing Units are provided access to the ALW platform.  The reason behind the access is threefold.

  • Be On Look Out (BOLO) Alerts issued directly from Police
  • Assisting in the gathering of Police Intelligence
  • Further deterrent for Rogue Guests booking at your facility
Be On Look Out (BOLO) Alerts

Policing Units are able to directly alert to the ALW platform any person(s) of interest (Criminals, Suspects,  Associates or even missing persons) that they are trying to locate.  This direct collaboration with ALW Member Accommodation Providers can expedite the location of such person(s) and is a valuable source of intelligence gathering.  The alerting Policing Unit will provide contact information for Members should they become aware of the person notified in the BOLO alert.  The BOLO information is protected by the ALW Membership security and the agreed Member T&C’s.

Gathering Of Police Intelligence

Whenever a new alert is released on the ALW platform, the member Policing Units also receive the alert.  As a provider of Accommodation, unbeknownst to Members, the alert may be of a Person(s) who is already of interest to the Police.  Categories used that you have blacklisted the guest for, can be of important intelligence information for the Policing Unit that has an interest.  Policing Units know that Rogue Guests often accommodation hop (moving from one provider to the next in local areas), and they may be able to intercept when that Rogue person of interest remains in the area.

ALW is reporting platform only.  Member users maintain their own evidence as per the Terms and Conditions of use which can be found here.  Police, on receiving an alert, may contact ALW or the alerting Member direct for further information if they are needing to act on the intelligence gathered through the ALW platform.

Deterrent To Rogue Guest Bookings

Members displaying the  ALW branding is a clear sign to Rogue Guests to stay away from a Member Facility.  Guests will know that any Rogue behaviour as per the ALW platform is reported and alerted to other Member providers and monitoring Policing Units.  For those Rogue Guests’ wanting to “fly under the radar” staying at a Member facility is not going to assist them therefore they are more likely to avoid ALW Member facilities.

As much as ALW Membership is a deterrent to Rogue Guests, the reverse is true for Great Guests!  Knowing that ALW Members are screening and declining bookings from known Rogues, makes Member facilities an attractive option for all other Great Guests who want to enjoy their stay away whether it be for work, sport or leisure.  Guests can book with confidence wherever they see the ALW branding and logo.


The ALW team will continue to work and grow the Policing Unit network, with more and more Registered Accommodation Providers signing up to the ALW platform, the strength of the database and the intelligence potential for Policing Units continues to grow.  For Accommodation Providers, the ability to “Identify before they Occupy”  only adds security to an Accommodation Providers Facility and to the other Guests who stay.

Better Guests = Better Stays

Identify Before They Occupy!

We Never Suspected You! A Rogue Guest Case Review


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