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Please allow 24-48 hours for us to process your information and get back with you. 

The ALW platform is intended to store and share information about guests who engage is illegal, threatening or destructive behaviour during their stay in registered accommodation establishments.  The usefulness of the ALW platform will grow over time as memberships and the number of reported rogue guests increase. 

ALW is part of a clear purpose for the continuous improvement and risk minimisation of registered accommodation services in general.  Your Membership is indispensable for achieving this purpose and in minimising the risk of rouge guests staying at your accommodation.

Your responsibilities:
As a user of the ALW platform, you have minimum obligations that you must meet. These are detailed in full in the members terms and conditions which you can find here [insert link].

As a summary, you are:

  • Responsible for all information entered into the ALW platform using your log-in details. This means you must keep your log-in information secure, limit who has authorisation within your business to enter data into the ALW platform and ensure any information uploaded is true, accurate and complete.
  • Responsible for compliance with our privacy requirements and the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) including the Australian Privacy Principals.
  • Responsible for obtaining the consent of your guests to enter their information into the ALW platform (either to conduct a search or to upload information after they have stayed) and for explaining how their personal information may be used and shared.

To assist you in meeting these obligations, we have included a member’s resource area within the members portal where you will find:

  • A privacy notice for your guests, which must be displayed on your website, third party booking site and at your reception area and bought to a guest’s attention at the time of booking their accommodation or check in. If you have a compendium or similar, it is a good idea to also include this information in it
  • A disclosure notice for your guests that must also be displayed as for the privacy notice above
  • High Resolution Members Logo for Websites
  • Members Logo suitable for social media – Facebook/Instagram/Twitter
  • A license agreement for use of the above licensed material
  • Members terms and conditions

All the documents within our members area may be updated by us overtime. When we make updates, we will post a notice on the members site. If we update documents you use, you will need to update the documents at each point you use them. 

The continued development, usefulness and improvement of the ALW platform is very important to us.  Your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated and can be emailed to:

We look forward to working with you to ‘provide better stays for better guests’.

Yours in partnership

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