Icon Feature 1

Ban a Rogue Guest

Enter Rogue Guest details into the ALW Banned Guest database. Using the prompts and drop down menus, add as much detail as possible, and provide any scanned ID photos and or security footage to show identity of guest. The Rogue Guest remains banned for a period of 3 years.

Icon Feature 2

Look Up a Rogue Guest

On receiving a booking request, or when a guest walks in, look them up on the ALW database to see if they are currently on the banned list, & check the reason why they are banned. If they are, you can either decide to reject the booking; accept the booking, or impose extra conditions on the booking if you accept it. (e.g. extra security deposit)

Icon Feature 3

Receive alerts of Rogue Guests in your area

Based on your own preference settings, you will receive alerts when other accommodation providers enter a banned guest to the ALW database. This alerts you that the Rogue Guest is accommodation hopping in your area. Based on the reasons for being entered into ALW, you can decide whether or not you want to accept a booking from the Rogue Guest, or impose extra conditions on the booking if you do accept it (e.g. extra security deposit)

Icon Feature 4

Police Only: Be On the Look Out (BOLO) alerts

Federal and Local Police can add any person(s) of interest that they are looking for. An alert will be sent out to local accommodation providers where the Police suspect the persons of interest might be. Instructions will be provided with these BOLO of which station the Police want you to contact, if person(s) of interest attend your facility.

OUR pricing

If you turn down a booking request from one Rogue Guest listed on the ALW database, you have avoided potential damage to your facility and reputation. Your subscription has paid for itself.

annual subscription


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