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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is a paid membership only platform, and prior to being accepted and granted access to database, you will need to prove you are a Registered Accommodation business provider, and agree to terms and conditions of use of the ALW platform.
Yes, the ALW database is encrypted and security licences applied to site. The website is constantly updated to latest versions of data protection, security and encryption.
Only Registered Accommodation Providers operating an accommodation business. This includes (but not limited to) registered Camping Grounds, Motor Home Harks, Holiday Parks, Motor Inns, Motels, Lodges, Back-Packer Accommodations, Registered Bed &Breakfasts, Aparthotels, Hotels, & Resorts. Law enforcement agencies as State and Federal Police will be able to access database where and when required.
Yes, and there are several ways in which you can do this! On registering, ALW will provide a statement to add to your guest registration forms, and logo templates for your own websites, emails, and social media platforms. You can also add a statement of membership to your OTA sites.
There are certain details that need to be completed in order for the ALW database to accept a reported guest. Reason’s for banning are in “check box” form and don’t allow for extra details. All “check boxes” activated need to be backed by your own factual records, held in your own booking/guest management system. You are accountable for the data that you enter in the system, and at anytime you are challenged on information entered you need to be able to justify and account for your entry. Police may contact your facility direct for further details and information, especially if it is a BOLO or Police have attended the facility due to banned guest(s) actions. ALW provides a reporting and alert platform for the purpose of risk mitigation only.
Guests remain banned for a period of 3 years from entry into the ALW database. If the guest has been allowed to stay in another accommodation facility and has again caused problems, the facility can report the guest again, and the guest’s ban of 3 years will be reset from the new date entry.
No – this is not a guest review platform, and not a means to get back at guests who provided negative reviews about your facility.