Member Resource

As a user of the ALW platform, you have minimum obligations that you must meet. These are detailed in full in the members terms and conditions, which are included in your Member Resource Area:

• A Privacy & Disclosure statement for your guests, which must be displayed on your website, third-party booking site(s) and acknowledgement of statement obtained by the guest through an electronic tick box (suggest including in your Booking Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy) on your booking platform or at the time of check-in where the Guest must sign a printed version of the document. This document must then be kept with the booking in hardcopy or electronic format (ie scanned and saved to booking).

• A Disclaimer for ALW Members, which must be added to your Guest Registration forms

• High Resolution Members Logo for Websites

• Members Logo suitable for social media – Facebook/Instagram/Twitter

• A license agreement for use of the above licensed material

• Members terms and conditions, to refer to as required. Anything not answered by the T&C’s, email your enquiry:
All the documents within our members area may be updated by us overtime. When we make updates, we will post a notice on the members’ site. If we update documents you use, you will need to update the documents at each point you use them.